Institute: Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Alumni Association

Established in the year 1961, IIT Delhi Alumni Association is one of the few institutions to manage and engage its alumni. It has 40,000+ Alumni and IITDAA works with a singular agenda of connecting a well-knit network of all IIT Delhi Alumni.


In order to engage their alumni better, IITDAA subscribed an alumni portal expecting a huge participation from the alumni and providing a robust channel to alumni to connect with their Alma mater. The platform was launched across all channels to seek alumni participation. In a span of one year, the participation died down to 0 Monthly active users & IITDAA lost its hope to provide a sustainable channel to its alumni. The challenge faced by IIT Delhi was in terms of alumni engagement through participation.




AlmaShines started working with IITDAA Jan 2018 onward and their alumni platform went live in Feb 2018. Through various platform driven engagement campaigns, alumni got engaged smoothly and they started loving the platform because of its alumni centrality and ease of use.  With the platform going live, many alumni started talking about the unique functionalities and value creation by the platform.



Through regular engagement campaigns, IITDAA witnessed a sudden boost in alumni participation and involvement on the platform. This was evident from the fact that from 0 monthly active years, the number rose to over 6000 alumni getting active on the platform without any formal announcement yet. Now IITDAA is working on many engagement campaigns and with the strong tech ability of AlmaShines by their side, they have already started great traction and see 60% Alumni activity on the platform every month.



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