Institute: College of Engineering, Pune

Established in 1993, Alumni Association of College of Engineering, Pune (COEP), has always focused on engaging and serving all its alumni with networking opportunities with one another, to foster a life-long intellectual and emotional connection between the college and its graduates. The association ensured the same for COEP alumni by planning and organizing various alumni engagement activities over the year, one of them being organizing Silver Jubilee, Golden Jubilee and Diamond Jubilee Celebrations every year of pass outs as a part of Global Reunion-Alumni Fest.


Following the annual trend, COEP was in the process of planning its Golden Jubilee celebrations for the Batch of 1969 when they realized that they didn’t have enough alumni database. Golden Jubilee celebrations of any batch till that day had witnessed alumni participation of around 30 alumni.


To begin their endeavor to reconnect with its alumni, they were making extensive efforts to find a way to connect with its lost alumni manually and invite them for the event. In April 2018, COEP with the assistance of AlmaShines went live with their Alumni Platform, empowering them by harnessing various features and platform-driven campaigns in boosting alumni participation and engagement.

Initiating with campaigns like Batch Coordinators in July 2018, they were able to identify one alumnus from the batch of 1969 who was in contact with 16 other alumni from his batch. Through him, they reached out to the other 16 alumni and the chain went on. The alumni already registered on the portal shared the Yearbook feature (Batch-wise directory) of AlmaShines Alumni Platform, with their networks inviting more and more alumni of their batch to join the Portal.

This way by the end of November 2018, Alumni Association of COEP, was able to connect with 160 alumni of 1969 Batch. They had organized the Golden Jubilee Alumni Meet in the month of December 2018 which saw alumni participation of over 150 alumni, making it the largest alumni golden jubilee event ever.


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